The Story of How My Vintage Store Began

As with most vintage collectors, history has always been a subject that I love. I still remember listening to stories being told by my parents and relatives back in my ole mountain home. Today I still treasure memories of those stories.

Growing up in the mountains of western North Carolina, my parent’s home was filled with vintage and antique belongings. The dresser in my bedroom had been hand made by my Grandfather, 30 years before I was born. So you can see, it was destined that I would either love or hate antique furnishings. Well I’m here to tell you, my up bring had it’s effect.

After moving away from the mountains for work, I carried my that love for the mountains and antiques with me. I built my home, a log cabin, and began collecting vintage and antique items which reminded me of home.

After my mother passing in 2001, I brought most of my parents estate belongings here to my house in eastern North Carolina. Displaying many of the Antiques throughout my home. Still, many others were stored away for years in boxes. Sometimes I laugh, that my house looks more like a museum, than a home. 

Forward to 2014

This is what moved me to open a small Vintage Shop on Etsy. In 2014 I decided it would be better for someone to enjoy the treasures I had in storage. Rather than have them sit in closets collecting dust. Leading me open Estates in Time. At the time I had no idea how interesting the research would be, or how much I would love it, but the things I have learned while running my shop have been truly fascinating.

So welcome to Estates in Time, I hope you enjoy your visit. Have a look around and read some of the descriptions for the items in my shop. I always try to give some history on the vintage items in my store. Also if you don’t find something of interest here be sure to visit Estates in Time on Etsy for more unique vintage listings.

Cabin view
mouintain trail
Antique Store