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The Growth of Costume Jewelry in the Roaring 20s, How it all Began

Most agree that the term “Costume Jewelry” was first coined in the Roaring 20s, but there seem to be two different schools on just who used it first. Some say Coco Chanel made the term famous, which may be true. She is definitely responsible for the acceptance of costume jewelry in the fashion world. Yet […]

The Sparkling Jewels of the Vintage Christmas Jewelry Collection

One of the most popular styles of collectible Jewelry today is the Christmas Jewelry Collection, and of course, the Christmas Tree pin is the favorite. As popular as Christmas jewelry is, it is sometimes amazing that the designs are for the most part 20th century creations. That is until you realize that most of our […]

Vintage Southwestern Jewelry from the Pueblos into Modern Fashions

While the popularity of Vintage Southwestern Jewelry is sweeping the nation. It is only fair to remember the artist and the merchants that brought us to where we are today. Names such as Atsidi Sani (believed to be the first Navajo Silversmith). J L Hubbell (A Trading Post owner who hired Mexican Silversmiths to teach the […]

Stunning Glass Jewels and other Imitations in Antique Jewelry

Antique Jewelry, with imitations and simulated jewels, have been family heirlooms for centuries. Long before the term costume jewelry, Jewelry made from Pinchbeck with diamante or paste. Although not made with precious metals or gems, Kings and Queens actually preferred these imitations to their more expensive counterparts. King Louis XV of France, a great admirer of the newly created Rhinestone awarded […]

Jewelry Repair, Does Anyone do Costume Jewelry Repair?

Does Anyone do Costume Jewelry Repair? I’m sure that question has been asked a million times. It seems like Jewelry stores look at costume jewelry as second class. As if it is below them to even consider helping you out. But who do you turn to when needing costume jewelry repair? True costume jewelry may […]

Costume Jewelry Collecting, Iconic Designers and Their Brands

The golden age of Costume Jewelry began in the early 1900’s with Iconic Designers and their Brands. This can also be the starting point for Costume Jewelry Collecting as well. With brands such as Coro, Eisenberg, Hobe, and Trifari there is a multitude of brands to collect. It can be quite an undertaking whether you […]

Things to Consider When Starting a Costume Jewelry Collection

As one of the fastest growing sectors in the collectible markets today, the Costume Jewelry Collection is no longer just a fad. While many people have looked at costume jewelry as junk. In truth, the early costume jewelers craftsmanship rivaled those who made fine jewelry in the same era. A proven fact as early 20th-century […]

Changes to the Old World Ring and how it was Crafted

In my last post on the Antique Engagement Ring, I discussed the 3 major diamond cuts found in the Old World Ring. Yet while the diamond may be the first thing noticed, there are still many other features which make an Antique Ring unique. The form of the ring, the metals used, and the presence […]

How to Decide if an Antique Engagement Ring is the Right Choice for You

When buying an engagement ring you have many decisions to make. The cut of the diamond, yellow gold or white, or maybe platinum. Then there is the question of do you buy a new ring or look for an antique engagement ring? First of all let me ask you. Are you looking for something truly […]

How to choose the Best Vintage for your Farmhouse Country Kitchen

If I ask you what was the most important room in your house, what would you say? If you answered the kitchen you’re not alone. In a recent poll, visitors to houzz voted the kitchen most important at a rate of 2 to 1. The kitchen was also named one of the two most important rooms when […]