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Tales of the Three August Birthstones. Sardonyx, Peridot, & Spinel

August Birthstones

The photo above, taken by Carole Raddato is a section of “The Great Cameo of France”. Carved in the first century AD from Sardonyx. One of the three August Birthstones. The others being Peridot and Spinel. Yet the original birthstone of August is Sardonyx. While the Spinel only became an accepted birthstone in 2016. In fact, […]

1940s Costume Jewelry Fashions and Trends After World War II

1940s Costume Jewelry

On September 2nd, 1945 World War II officially came to a halt. While the world sighed an expression of relief, after being in turmoil for the past fifteen years. A sentiment quickly embraced by fashion trends of the 1940s Costume Jewelry industry. While the 1930’s had brought the depression and the acceptance of costume jewelry. The early 1940’s brought the war […]

The Mysterious Powers and Legends of the Ruby, the Stone of Fire

Mysterious Ruby

Once thought to have come from fire, having a glow like no other gem. In fact, there have been fables that say it is impossible to hide the Mysterious Ruby. Stating that Ruby would always revile itself by shining through any cloth cover. One such legend dates back to the 16th century, claiming a merchant had […]

Patriotic Costume Jewelry of the 1940’s, Views of a World at War

Patriotic Costume Jewelry

With the passing of Memorial Day and the 4th of July just around the corner, the history of Patriotic Costume Jewelry comes to mind. With the World just recovering from the Great Depression, and the invasion of Poland in 1939 the stage is set for the 1940’s. Each of the prior three decades had seen changes and turmoil […]

Tales of Pearls, Moonstones and Alexandrite, The Three June Birthstones

June Birthstones

While many claim the June Birthstones to be Pearls and Alexandrite the American Gem Society also includes Moonstone. Yet this hasn’t always been true. Most experts agree that the idea of birthstones has their beginnings as far back as Moses. With the gemstones decorating Aaron’s Breastplate as described in the Bible as well as “Antiquities of the […]

Unique Fathers Day Gift Ideas, Memories from the Heart

Fathers Day

So you spent the month of April coming up with the perfect gift for Mom and now it’s time to think of the best Fathers Day gift too. Sure you could get another pair of socks or another tie, yeah I know, Dads are hard to buy for. They pretty much have everything they need. And if […]

Mysteries and legends of May’s Birthstone Emeralds


While the first known records of Emerald mining are from the third century BC in Egypt. There is, however, some evidence of Emeralds dating as far back as 3500 BC. With many fascinating myths and mysterious stories about the gem. Indian folklore tells of a battle between the Spirits of the Air and the Sea over […]

Vintage Mothers Day Ideas, the Unique Gift of Memories

Mothers Day Ideas

With the arrival of April and springtime comes the annual quest for some perfect Mothers Day Ideas. Every year you rack your brain. Trying to come up with just the right gift for each special lady on your list. Whether it’s your mother, or mother-in-law, your grandma or any other lady which has made an […]

Mysterious Legends, Folklore and Curses of Diamonds


While we think of diamonds today as a symbol of love, or as the birthstone of April. Diamonds have a mysterious past, steeped in legends, folklore, and even curses. The most famous in the world is the Hope Diamond. With the discovery of diamonds believed to have been between 800 and 1000 BC in India. […]

The 1930s Costume Jewelry and the Great Depression

1930s Costume Jewelry

On October 29th, 1929 the Great Depression struck, it changed the world, as well as its view of 1930s Costume Jewelry. Mere days before fashionable dresses cost $24 or more. Yet a short time later stores would have trouble selling them for $4. From clothing to jewelry every sector of the fashion industry began to struggle. […]