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Legends and Folklore of Aquamarine, the Scared Jewel of Neptune


Said to have fallen from the treasure chest of a mermaid. In the folklore of Greek and Roman myths, Aquamarine became the sacred jewel of Neptune. Believing the jewel had powers to claim stormy waters as well as protect seafarers from peril. While early Romans referred to the stone as the sailor’s gem. With first documented use in […]

The History of Valentine’s Day Jewelry and February 14th

Valentine's Day Jewelry

Have you ever wondered why we celebrate February 14th with Cards, Roses, Chocolate or Valentine’s Day Jewelry? Or how it all began? Like so many other holidays we enjoy today, Valentine’s Day has its roots in pagan beliefs as well. Possibly dating back to before the Roman Empire. The feast of Lupercalia was a celebration which […]

The History and Legends of Amethyst, The Royal Stone of Kings


Worn by Kings and the Clergy throughout history, Amethyst was once more value than a diamond. Representing the privilege of royalty since the stone age. The earliest use of this gem dates back to ancient Greece. Where the violet-purple crystal received its name derived from the Greek word  “amethystos” or not drunken. One legend credits […]

Mexican Silversmithing, From Mesoamerica into the 21st Century

Thought to have its beginnings around 800 AD, Mexican Silversmithing has a rich history. Brought to the region through trade with the South American City States located in today’s Columbia and Ecuador. While softer metals such as gold and copper were more prevalent in the ancient civilizations. Silver ceremonial jewelry representing the moon became especially relevant throughout Mesoamerica. Such […]