1928 Burbank, CA (1968 – Present)

1928 Jewelry History
1928 Hallmark

The 1928 trademark was granted in 1977 but was first used in commerce on May 5th, 1971. This mark expired April of 1998.

Samuel Aaron NY (1950 – 2017)

Samuel Aaron Jewelry Mark

The THL trademark was granted in 1987 and is still in use. While the Arron group was a family business since the 1950’s, in 2017 the company sold to the Richline group.

Accessocraft NYC (1935 – 1998)

Accessocraft History
Accessocraft Jewelry Mark

While the Accessocraft trademark was granted in 1940 and was used throughout production on metal jewelry with some variations. So far I haven’t found details or dates.

Accessocraft Jewelry Mark

This is a variation of the Accessocraft mark found on a 1960’s era Brooch.

Alice Caviness (1945 – 1991)

Alice Caviness Hallmark

The Alice Caviness mark was used from 1945 on. Yet the mark was not registered until 1974 by the Junquera Sales Co., Inc

Amco (1919 – Late 1970’s)

Amco History
Amco Sterling Jewelry Mark

The Amco jewelry mark was used from 1935 on. While documentation is hard to find there is some information on my Amco History page

Barclay (1947 – 1957)

Barclay History
barclay Vintage Jewelry Research

Formed 1947 in Providence RI Barclay Jewelry began marking their jewelry in 1948. This mark was used until the company closed in 1957

Bell Trading Post(1932 – 1969)

Bell Trading Post History
Bell Trading Post Jewelry Research

A variation of this hallmark was first used in 1935 slight variations were used until 1962. While the company continued on it was renamed “Sunbell”

Copper by Bell Hallmark

The sign post trademark was first used Jan. 1st, 1961 and is registered by the UAPTO under serial number 72137710.
Copper by Bellis a line of copper jewelry started in the early to mid 1960’s

Bergère (1946 – 1979)

Bergere Hallmark

This hallmark was registered as a trademark July 6th, 1948. but was first used in commerce on July 18th, 1947.

As with most vintage jewelry marks the copyright was added after 1955.

Bogoff (1940 – 1960’s)

Bogoff History
Bogoff Jewelry mark

The BOGOFF mark was used throughout the company’s existence.

BSK (1948 – 1980’s)

BSK History
BSK Hallmark

This mark was used from 1957 until the late 1980’s when the company closed.

BSK My Fair Lady Mark

This mark was used on a line by BSK to commemorate the 1960’s movie “My Fair Lady”.

Capri (1949 – 1977)

Capri Jewelry History
Capri Jewelry Mark

This mark with the copyright symbol was used from 1955 on.

Carlos Diaz Silversmiths  (1958 – Present)

A family business in Tucson AZ owned by Carlos Diaz using this mark since 1958

Claudette (1945 – late 1950’s?)

Claudette Jewelry History
Claudette Jewelry mark

This mark without the copyright symbol was first used in 1945. A fairly scarce mark made by Premier Jewelry Co., Inc. NY

Coro (1900 – 1979)

Coro Jewelry Mark

The Coro mark in script printed on an angle was first used in 1919.This mark was used throughout Coro’s history with slight variations. The copyright on this mark places it after 1955..

Coro Jewelry Mark

The Coro Pegasus mark with the copyright symbol was used from 1955 into the 1960’s.

Dior (1948 – Present)

Dior Hallmark

This Christian Dior mark was registered in 1995 and is still in use today..

Eisenberg Jewelry (1935 –

Eisenberg Vintage Jewelry Research

The Eisenberg Original jewelry mark was used by Eisenberg from 1938 until 1942.

Eisenberg Jewelry Research

This Eisenberg jewelry mark was used from 1943 until 1950.

Eisenberg Ice Jewelry Research

The Eisenberg Ice mark in block style lettering was used by Eisenberg used on some pieces as early as 1941 until 1958

Emmons Jewelers Inc. (1949 –

Emmons Hallmark w/ copyright

This Emmons mark with the copyright was used after 1955

Florenza (1950 -1981)

Florenza Jewelry Mark

The Florenza mark with the copyright was used after 1955 onward.

Givenchy (1950 – Present)

Givenchy Vintage Jewelry Research

A trademark of the Givenchy line, the 4 G box has been used since 1950.

Givenchy Jewelry Research

After 1955 Givenchy Jewelry added the copyright symbol to their hallmark with some pieces being dated as well.

Miriam Haskell (1926 – Present)

Haskell Vintage Jewelry Research

Haskell began using this mark on the oval tag around 1950. When first used the mark was stamped from the back showing a reverse image on the back of the tag.

Haskell Hallmark Tag Jewelry Research

Miriam Haskell (tag reverse side) A change to the oval hang tag around 1979. After which the tags were smooth on the back.

Hobé USA (1930 – Present)

Hobe Vintage Jewelry Research

This mark was first used in 1926, Hobé started using the copyright symbol in 1958.

Kramer of New York (1943 – 1980)

Kramer of New York Vintage Jewelry Research

Kramer used this mark along with Kramer of NY and simply Kramer from 1943 until roughly 1950.

Pelton & Leru Corp NY NY(1956 – 1960’s)

Leru Jewelry mark

The Leru mark was first used in 1956 into the 1960’s. The company closed sometime in the 1960’s,but and exact date isn’t known at this time.

Liz Claiborne (1976 – Present)

Liz Claiborne Jewelry Mark

This mark appears to have been used in the late 1980’s into the 90’s

Monet (1928 – Present)

Monet Hallmark

Monet used this jewelry mark with the copyright from approximately 1956 into the 1970’s

Napier (1922 – Present)

Napier Jewelry Mark

Napier used this jewelry mark with the capitol “I” during the 1920’s and 1930’s

Renoir (1946 – 1964)

RENOIR Vintage Jewelry Research

Renoir used this signature from 1946 until 1964, with and without the copyright seal. In general jewelry marks with out the copyright symbol were produced before 1955.

Sarah Coventry (1949 – 1984)

Sarah Coventry Jewelry Mark

The Sarah Cov signature was first used in 1953 into the 1970’s

Trifari (1918 – Present)

Trifari Hallmark

The Trifari mark with the crown along with the “Pat Pend” markwas used between 1940 and 1955

Trifari Jewelry mark

The Trifari mark with the crown and copyright symbol was used from 1955 into the 1970’s

Vendôme (1944 – Present)

Vendome vintage Jewelry Research

A division of Coro, Vendôme was a high end line created in 1944. Vendôme jewelry used this mark without the copyright symbol until 1955

Weiss (1942 – 1971)

Weiss Bracelet

First used by Weiss in 1942 through the early 1950’s without the copyright symbol. After 1955 this mark would have the copyright symbol.

Weissco Jewelry Mark

This WeissCo mark was first used in 1947 and predates the 1955 copyright symbol.

Weiss Vintage Jewelry Research

This mark was first used in 1951 without the copyright symbol. Weiss Jewelry with this mark and the copyright was produced after 1955.