Accessocraft Jewelry Mark

Accessocraft NYC (1935 – 1998)

The Accessocraft trademark was granted in 1940 and was used throughout production on metal jewelry with some variations. So far I haven’t found details or dates.

Amco Sterling Jewelry Mark

Amco (1919 – Late 1970’s)

The Amco jewelry mark was used from 1935 on.

barclay Vintage Jewelry Research

Barclay (1946 – 1957)

Formed 1946 in Providence RI Barclay Jewelry began marking their jewelry in 1948. This mark was used until the company closed in 1957

Bell Trading Post Jewelry Research

Bell Trading Post(1932 – 1972)

A variation of this hallmark was first used in 1935 slight variations were used until 1962

BSK Hallmark Jewelry Research

BSK (1948 – 1970)

Not much is known about BSK.
This mark was used from 1948 until the mid 1980’s when the company closed.

Eisenberg Jewelry (1935 –

Eisenberg Vintage Jewelry Research

Eisenberg Original

This jewelry mark was used by Eisenberg from 1938 until 1942.

Eisenberg Jewelry Research


A later jewelry mark used by Eisenberg this mark was used from 1945 until 1950.

Eisenberg Ice Jewelry Research

Eisenberg Ice

This block style lettering was used by Eisenberg used from the 1970’s to present

Givenchy Vintage Jewelry Research

Givenchy (1950 – Present)

A trademark of the Givenchy line, the 4 G box has been used since 1950.

Givenchy Jewelry Research


After 1955 Givenchy Jewelry added the copyright symbol to their hallmark with some pieces being dated as well.

Haskell Vintage Jewelry Research

Miriam Haskell (1926 – Present)

Haskell began using this mark on the oval tag around 1950. When first used the mark was stamped from the back showing a reverse image on the back of the tag.

Haskell Hallmark Tag Jewelry Research

Miriam Haskell (tag reverse side)

A change to the oval hangtag around 1979. After which the tags were smooth on the back.

Hobe Vintage Jewelry Research

Hobé USA (1930 – Present)

This mark was first used in 1926, Hobé started using the copyright symbol in 1958.

Kramer of New York Vintage Jewelry Research

Kramer of New York (1943 – 1980)

Kramer used this mark along with Kramer of NY and simply Kramer from 1943 until roughly 1950.

Liz Claiborne Jewelry Mark

Liz Claiborne (1976 – Present)

This mark appears to have been used in the late 1980’s into the 90’s

Monet Hallmark

Monet (1928 – Present)

Monet used this jewelry mark with the copyright from approximately 1956 into the 1970’s

RENOIR Vintage Jewelry Research

Renoir (1946 – 1964)

Renoir used this signaturefrom 1946 until 1964, with and without the copyright seal. In general jewelry marks with out the copyright symbol were produced before 1955.

Vendome vintage Jewelry Research

Vendôme (1944 – Present)

A division of Coro, Vendôme was a high end line created in 1944. Vendôme jewelry used this mark without the copyright symbol until 1955

Weiss Vintage Jewelry Research

Weiss (1942 – 1971)

This mark was first used in 1951 without the copyright symbol. Weiss Jewelry with this mark and the copyright was produced after 1955.