According to most references Benny Steinberg, Hy Slovitt and Mr Kaslo formed BSK in 1948. Yet there seems to be some discrepancies in what I have seen printed before.

First of all the name of the company is B. Steinberg Kaslo Co. Which appears to have been a DBA (Doing Business As) entity. As New York Secretary of State records has an incorporation filing of July 1st, 1969.1 While the USPTO has the BSK Trademark registration being August 14th, 1973. With the trademark stating the mark was first used in 1957.2  Also the Patent from 1955 pictured to the left is only one of two I can locate. While both are from the mid 1950’s.

In 1956 Trifari filed a lawsuit against B. Steinberg Kaslo Co. for copyright infringement and unfair competition. A petition which names B. Steinberg Kaslo Co as a partnership consisting of Julius Steinberg, Morris Kimmelman, Hyman Slovitt, Abraham J. Slovitt and Samuel Friedman, and Arke, Inc.3 A lawsuit claiming B. Steinberg Kaslo Co. used Trifari’s design for a hansom cab pin which the defendant sold for one dollar. While Trifari’s design listed for fifteen dollars.

Due to the naming of Arke, Inc as a partner in the case it appears Kaufman-Ruderman Co and B. Steinberg Kaslo Co had close ties. Eventually the petition was denied. With the court stating it didn’t see intent to infringe. Since BSK ceased production and sales once learning of the copyright.

While there is no proof  B. Steinberg Kaslo Co was not formed in 1948.  Most records which show business activity point to the mid 1950’s onward.

In October of 1964 B. Steinberg Kaslo Co produced and copyrighted a jewelry pin series stamped “My Fair Lady”.4 Sold as a novelty to movie goers seeing the 1964 musical “My fair Lady”. Which starred Audrey Hepburn and Rex Harrison. As a result of the film’s popularity this series has become one of the most collected groups of BSK designs.

BSK jewelry is often thought of as being average designs. Therefore collector’s prices are generally low. While the quality of workmanship can be extremely high. Although prices for “My Fair Lady” pins may increase even with worn enamel.

BSK Moving into the 1970’s

By the 1970’s B. Steinberg Kaslo Co Inc. began to see a need to expand their business. In 1969 the company had incorporated and in 1972 Abraham J. Slovitt designed and copyrighted a series of Zodiac Earring Trees.5 Then after using the BSK trademark for 16 years B. Steinberg Kaslo Co Inc. registered the trademark in 1973.6

In addition to the BSK trademark, B. Steinberg Kaslo Co Inc.filed for two new trademarks during the 1980’s. The first being a filing for “New Directions” filed on November 19th, 1986.7 While the application stated first use of the mark in 1984, B. Steinberg Kaslo Co Inc. never followed through with required steps of registration. Ultimately the USPTO listed the trademark  as abandoned in October of 1987.

Consequently a third trademark “La Mystique” appears on record in December of 1986.8 Also stating the marks first use earlier the same year. Unlike the earlier filing for “New Directions” B. Steinberg Kaslo Co Inc followed through on  “La Mystique” and the trademark was registered September 1st 1987.

While it is unclear when B. Steinberg Kaslo Co Inc finally closed their doors. It is clear references stating the 1970’s are wrong. Most likely the company closed between September 1987 and July of 1991. Since the trademark “La Mystique” was canceled in 91 and the corporation expired December 23rd, 1992.

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