Finding USPTO Design Patents for Jewelry

Prior to 1955 Jewelry Designers often used USPTO design patents to protect their work and ideas. As a result this information will provide a useful and easy way to date older jewelry. To the left are the patents I have located, listed by the designer house. While I am trying to be as thorough as possible, this list may not be complete. Whereas you may come across a patented piece of jewelry I don’t have listed.

Therefore understanding how to use the Patent search page is imperative to finding the information you need. Since getting to the proper page is your first step. This link to the USPTO search page will open the page need to use in a new tab. Below is an image of the page you will be visiting:

USPTO Design Patents

Especially relevant this page states US patents are 8 digit numbers. Yet most likely you will only have a 6 digit number stamped on your vintage jewelry. Therefore you will need to add a leading “D” (for Design) and a zero.

USPTO Design PatentsMuch as I have displayed in the image to the right.

in conclusion this search will provide you with the drawings, specifications, and date of the patent’s application . As well as the date for the patent’s registration.

Finding a Patent Number for Patent Pending

USPTO Design PatentsIn many cases you may run upon jewelry stamped as Patent Pending. While not having a number to search does make your search harder all is not lost. Another website you can also search besides mine is Jewelry Patents.

By scrolling through these listings you may find your information, if not there is still another path to search.

Each year the US patent office publishes a list of the patents granted that year. Generally you will find these publications in two volumes such as the “1945 Official Gazette for Patents, January – June” and the “1945 Official Gazette for Patents, July – December”.

While the USPTO website only list these Gazettes dating back to 2001, microfilm versions are stored in the Library of Congress. Which may also be accessed through the Open Library project.

USPTO Design PatentsOne of my favorite resources for independent research. By searching the site via the “Full Text Search on” this site allows you to search the complete manuscripts they have on file.

This allows you to search the Designer’s name and returning only the Gazettes which list patents registered in their names. As well as any other publication in their archives which lists the designer.

Submitting a New Patent to the Research Page

Estates in Time greatly appreciates any and all help! If you would like to submit a patent not listed for the designers on this site feel free to contact me. Please be sure to include the design house name (ie. Coro, Trifari, etc) and the patent number, as well as any information you would like for me to use when giving credit for the submission.