Collectible Thimbles

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Antique and Vintage Collectible Thimbles

Collectible thimbles made their debut at the Great Exhibition in 1851. Similar to what we know as the Worlds Fair,  Held in Hyde Park, London from the 1st of May until the 15th of October 1851.

In fact during the Victorian age a silver thimble was sometimes given in lieu of an engagement ring. The thimble has seen many uses throughout history. While first designed to be a tool for sewing. The thimble has been a symbol of love. School teachers have used them to keep order in the classroom. While 19th century prostitutes used them to get the attention of their clients.

Today as hand sewing has diminished, the interest in decorative thimbles is still strong. You can find Collectible Thimbles commemorating everything from colleges to Disney. Even Christmas scenes decorate thimbles today and collectors come from every walk of life. Whether it is an interest in the history or simply a love for the art used to create the thimble. today collecting thimbles is a world-wide hobby.