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Antique and Vintage Collectible Figurines & Statues

Whether porcelain, clay, resin, copper, brass or bronze people have two reactions to Figurines and Statues. They either love them or they hate them, there’s not much middle ground.

The art of depicting historical subjects in miniature began around 1710. When Johann Friedrich Böttger discovered the formula for European porcelain. With many antiques displaying amazing craftsmanship and dazzling detail.

At any rate, sculpture has been with us since the dawn of civilization. With some Egyptian sculptures believed to be as old as 2100’s BC. While the lost wax casting technique dates to 500 BC.

Today artist still use some of the same techniques used in ancient times. One of the more recent types of figurines or statues is the resin sculpture. While it was developed prior to World War II, it was during this time that the practice took hold. When collecting these miniature beauties always remember to collect what you love, instead of collecting for an investment.