Souvenir Collectibles

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Antique and Vintage Souvenir Collectibles

The first Souvenir Collectibles were simple religious badges. The pilgrimage to a Holy Shrines was a momentous event in a person’s life. Often times pilgrims would break off pieces of the shrine as mementos. In order to save these shrines Priest began offering the badges.

The American Souvenir Spoon craze became fashionable in the late 1800’s. While the automobile and Route 66 opened the door to travel and even more souvenir collections.

Items such as shot glasses, plates, post cards, snow globes, key chains, and tee shirts are readily available in gift shops today. As the souvenir business has grown so large we have a special name for tourist towns, “Tourist Traps”.

Still American love to travel and they love to bring home trinkets to remember their trips. Below are some vintage souvenir collectibles which may bring back memories from trips you took years ago