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Antique and Vintage Southwestern

The Southwestern style is a melting pot of cultures. Coming together in one place to form a uniquely American design. First noticed is the impact of Spanish and Native American.While the first American Settlers also had a hand in the look. Shaker furniture fills out the rustic rancher style of the Southwest.

Whither it is pottery, weaving or jewelry, Southwestern is unmistakable. The Southwestern charm lends itself well to both the Cowboy and Boho fashions. The beauty of turquoise and silver can not be denied. While geometric designs in bright colors pleases the eye.

While many pieces sold as Native American style may actually be Native American. Native silverwork before 1960 rarely saw hallmarks. Which makes proving who the Silversmith is impossible. Sadly many beautiful pieces of jewelry will never be recognized.

Over the years countless Native Jewels ended up in pawn shops. Sold for little money just to make ends met. Now widely sought by collectors,