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Antique and Vintage Lighters

Collecting antique and vintage Lighters has become one of the most collected forms of tobacciana today. While they range from cheap novelty to elegant Lighters made with gold or silver.

Invented during the early 1800’s, the Dobereiner’s Lamp was the first lighter. A dangerous table lighter which used  highly explosive hydrogen.Considered a status symbol, these lighters were extremely expensive. Still few dared to use them.

Then 1926 the first pocket lighter made its debut. This is when Ronson released the Banjo Lighter and craze began. The most amazing designs coming out over the next 30 years, These were over the top, extravagant pieces featuring cigarette cases, and built in clocks in Art Deco styles.

Ronson was the leading company in the industry, yet Zippo made a name for itself producing promotional gifts. Other popular brands included Dunhill, Penguin, Colibri, S.T. Dupont, Scripto, and Evans.

Today some of these vintage pieces are extremely rare, and command prices well over $1000.00.