Antique and Vintage Pottery

Pottery is one of the oldest trades in the world. With Archaeologist dating pottery back over 12,000 years. While every civilization in recorded time has made and used clay vessels.

Colonial American homes used an assortment of pottery, both imported and domestic. While it is almost impossible to know all the types of ceramics used.We do know the most common.

Porcelain imported from the Orient made its way into wealthy homes. Most early settlers of found China out of their reach. However this began to change in the 1800’s as Europe developed a soft paste bone china clay.

Stoneware produced a strong durable salt glazed piece, Imported from England and Germany until the American Revolution ended.

Deft, an earthenware vessel covered with a tin based glaze. The term Deft is often confusing. While it is true the blue and white ceramics of England and Holland are Deft. Potteries throughout Europe used the tin based glaze. Also Deft has never been produced in America.

Earthenware made in Colonial America by local Potters. Prior to the Revolution the British Crown reserved the rights to all other types of ceramics. Done to force the American Settlers into buying imported wares.

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