WM RogersThere are countless numbers of silver companies which have used the Rogers name throughout history. While some of these companies do have connections through family ties, this is not always the case. A fact that has led to some confusion when trying to trace silver trademarks.

This mark “(eagle) WM Rogers (star)” is the trademark for the 1841 partnership of William and Simeon Rogers.

While the best known trademark is probably¬†“1847 Rogers Bros”, this partnership along with many other Rogers companies joined together in 1898 forming International Silver Co.

Below is a list of the “(eagle) WM Rogers (star)” patterns which I have in stock. Please be aware these are vintage and antique pieces of silverware which are used. Due to this they will have minor scratches from age and prior use. However I do sort all patterns I acquire¬†to only list tableware which does not have monograms and only minimal scaring or cleanable tarnish.