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Antique and Vintage Stoneware Crocks

During the 15th century potters from Germany fired the first Stoneware Crocks. Though not called crocks at that time, these heavy clay containers were perfect for food storage. Especially to ferment sauerkraut, a staple of the german diet.

As German immigrants began to enter the new world. The art of Stoneware production came with them. Quickly becoming a favorite of the pioneer settlers. First produced in Pennsylvania and Virginia. It was also in Pennsylvania that the first blue cobalt decorations began to appear on American crocks.

The American salt glazed crock was an essential kitchen ware during these years. Without any form of refrigeration, the American pioneer used these sturdy clay vessels to storeĀ butter, salted meats and pickled vegetables. It was the necessity for this pottery, plus the expense in shipping the heavy containers that spread production. As America headed west stoneware potteries soon appeared to service local needs.

Today these wonderful old relics are still as useful as they have ever been. With the trend of primitive and farmhouse decor the American crock is a must have addition. With many bringing thousands of dollars at auctions across the country.