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Antique and Vintage Tableware

The tableware you choose to set your table defines the whole feel of your Kitchen or Dining room. Whether you’re looking for the Stately Manor or the Country Kitchen the vintage items you use sets the mood. Even mis-matching styles can work, if done within reason.

There is a growing trend to use vintage or antique items as accents to wedding decorations. While they do add a touch of old world charm and tradition. Also these items become keepsakes the couple can cherish for a lifetime, a remembrance of their special day.

There are many reasons to choose vintage decorations for your kitchen table.¬† Whether it is because you just like the look. Or maybe it’s that built to last,¬†feel you’re looking for. Either way Antiques and Vintage will add class and charm to your kitchen decor.

So please feel free to browse my Antique and Vintage Tableware, and remember we are always adding new items.