Costume Jewelry

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Antique and Vintage Costume Jewelry

Costume jewelry is a fairly new term, dating to the early 20th century. Some have credited Hobê with the term for his jewelry designs used in Ziegfeld Follies. Yet imitation jewelry, made from Paste dates back to the Roman empire.

Although considered as junk by some, costume Jewelry has become quite collectible. With many famous designs reaching antique status. True these imitations will never be as valuable as fine jewelry. Still pieces from designers such as Miriam Haskell and Chanel do bring a fair price.

Costume Jewelry Today

Some designs from the 1920’s and 30’s found today still have their fire and luster. A testament to their quality and craftsmanship. While some of the stories behind these designers are really remarkable.

Take Eisenberg, a clothing fashion designer from the mid 1910’s. By the 1930’s due to waning sales the company started adding promotional jewelry to the fashions. As a result, the jewelry became so popular that the Eisenberg Jewelry line was formed. Completely dropping the clothing line by 1958.