Costume Bracelet

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The Antique and Vintage Costume Bracelet

As the roaring 20’s dawned so did a new era for the costume bracelet. Prior to WWI wealth drove society and jewelry showed a ladies status. This all changed with the birth of Art Deco. Diamonds for everyday wear had become vulgar.and yellow gild had lost its appeal in the 1920’s. Unless wearing Egyptian Revival Jewelry.

Instead Bakelite was the fad. With semi precious gems imbedded. .These bangles worn in stacks, the more the better.

When the stock market crashed in 1929, it sent shock waves through the fashion industry. Causing an 84% drop in value for most fashions. This forced designers to look for cheaper materials. Yet the glamor of Hollywood  prevailed with women desiring more jewelry. and the trend shifted from simple to extravagant.

Sparkling rhinestones paved the jewelry and bracelets to the 30’s. In vibrant colors which simulate real jewels, while the more expensive bakelite bangles lost favor.

During the 40’s the most popular bracelet became identification bracelets and charm bracelets. Particularly the charm bracelet as the charms were collected separately allow a Lady to build a bracelet in her own style and interest.