Costume Earrings

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Antique and Vintage Costume Earrings

Costume Earrings may have played a part in reviving the earring industry. Earrings had mostly disappeared from women’s fashion by the┬áthe start of the 20th century. Many frowned upon piercing. While the practice thought to be barbaric.

Still the earring had been one of the major forms or adornment since the beginning of recorded history. Around 1910 a revival of the earring started..The Hollywood effect during this time made costume jewelry acceptable. While also.mading jewelry affordable. Women were finally be able to buy different sets to match their outfits.

This along with the invention of the screw back earring in 1894 set the stage for the earring revival.Proper Ladies were able to wear earrings without piercing their ears.This popular trend led to the invention of the clip on earring in 1934 as well.

Over the years of the 20th century the lengths of varied from shot to long dangles. Yet the screw backs and clip ons were the staples of the earring business until the 1970’s.