Fine Jewelry

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Antique and Vintage Fine Jewelry

Antique and vintage Fine Jewelry can be quite stunning. Breath taking precious gems set into platinum or gold. I often wonder about stories behind these jewels. Were they for a romantic occasion, or a holiday gift? Histories such as these are rarely learned, leaving us to our imaginations.

The value of antique or vintage Fine Jewelry can not be denied. Usually priced by an appraisal, your paying for the actual value Rather than the large mark ups charged by new jewelry retailers which are generally 100%. As a rule, when buying new jewelry, you will need to wait 30 years before it will be worth what you paid.

Its true antique or vintage jewelry may have some blemishes and it may not be perfect. Still older jewelry has a certain charm and elegance. Through time the intricate and simple designs of the Victorian age gave way to the lacy, and pierced shapes of the Edwardian era. Only to be followed by the geometric looks of the Art Deco period.