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The Antique and Vintage Brooch

The old is now new again, recently the Brooch is enjoying a new popularity. Once a piece of jewelry only our Grandmothers wore, is now in vogue. No longer are these just lapel pins or scarf clips. Worn as a hair comb an antique brooch is given a new life while adding a unique charm. Today they decorate in mass on jackets and we see them sparkling on hats.

First used to simply hold clothing together, these pins started out as nothing more than a wooden stake. Then as fashion began to evolve more elaborate designs started to appear. These.metal brooches which dates back to the bronze age were highly decorative. Used by both men and women.these early brooches still served the purpose of keeping one clothed.

From the age of the Vikings until today the brooch has meant many things. From the symbolism used to ward off evil and bring good fortune, to the sentiment of a Mourning pin. This adornment is in fashion once again.