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The Antique and Vintage Necklace

Throughout history the use of a necklace has been to indicate the a persons status. Often connected with royalty, authority or religion. Various symbols such as a Cross, Crucifixion or Praying Hands representing the Christian faith. While the Star of David symbolizes Judaism. Lavash necklaces encrusted with sparkling gems worn by Kings and Queens.

Lockets were first worn in the middle ages to hold a saint’s memento. Becoming increasingly popular from the 16th through the 20th century. One famous example of a commemorative type of locket is Elizabeth I “Armada Jewel”.¬† Cast gold and enameled profile portrait of her on the front, while an enameled image of Noah’s Ark decorated the back. Elizabeth had the Locket made to celebrate England’s victory over the Spanish Armada.

Today we wear necklaces to display our interest as well as to accent our outfits. Pendants are made into symbols of everything from sports regalia to endearments of love. The necklaces listed below have stood the tests of time. Beautifully cut gems from an earlier time, offering a unique style.