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The Effect of Lifestyles and Social Trends on 1950’s Costume Jewelry

1950's Costume Jewelry

The evolution of jewelry from the depression and years of war into that of the 1950’s costume jewelry was a direct reflection of lifestyles and social trends during the era. America had just survived two decades of turmoil and now it was time to rebuild. The 1950’s were full of change and prosperity. As soldiers returned from […]

Rhode Island, Jewelry Capital of the World and How it all Happened

Rhode Island Jewelry Capital

While many labeled Rhode Island as the Jewelry Capital of the World during the industries heyday. Manufacturers still dot the tiny state today. In Providence, Rhode Island the area is simply referred to as “The District”. A patch of real estate, roughly 19 acres in downtown. Which became home to some of the biggest names in […]

The 1930s Costume Jewelry and the Great Depression

1930s Costume Jewelry

On October 29th, 1929 the Great Depression struck, it changed the world, as well as its view of 1930s Costume Jewelry. Mere days before fashionable dresses cost $24 or more. Yet a short time later stores would have trouble selling them for $4. From clothing to jewelry every sector of the fashion industry began to struggle. […]

The Growth of Costume Jewelry in the Roaring 20s, How it all Began

Most agree that the term “Costume Jewelry” was first coined in the Roaring 20s, but there seem to be two different schools on just who used it first. Some say Coco Chanel made the term famous, which may be true. She is definitely responsible for the acceptance of costume jewelry in the fashion world. Yet […]

Stunning Glass Jewels and other Imitations in Antique Jewelry

Antique Jewelry, with imitations and simulated jewels, have been family heirlooms for centuries. Long before the term costume jewelry, Jewelry made from Pinchbeck with diamante or paste. Although not made with precious metals or gems, Kings and Queens actually preferred these imitations to their more expensive counterparts. King Louis XV of France, a great admirer of the newly created Rhinestone awarded […]

Jewelry Repair, Does Anyone do Costume Jewelry Repair?

Does Anyone do Costume Jewelry Repair? I’m sure that question has been asked a million times. It seems like Jewelry stores look at costume jewelry as second class. As if it is below them to even consider helping you out. But who do you turn to when needing costume jewelry repair? True costume jewelry may […]